Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Thursday mornings with Rabbi Meir
Continues Thursday, January 31, 11am

Whether we're asking life's biggest questions (why are we here, what is our purpose, the horror of evil, our mortal essence, Jewish people and place) or remembering fondly our university studies of history's most important thinkers, join Rabbi Meir in our study of Martin Buber and Emanuel Levinas.  This journey into the lives and minds of two of our greatest 20th Century, Jewish thinkers will be enriching and uplifting.  

Our study of Buber's, The Way of Man and I & Thou have been wonderful, and next Thursday, January 31, we will focus on Buber's thoughts on Zionism.  We will reflect on two essays, both of which are available on-line.

Martin BuberLetter from Martin Buber to Mahatma Gandhi,
Martin BuberZionism and Other National Concepts

Starting the following week, Thursday Feb. 7, we will begin our study of Emanuel Levinas, in his Nine Talmudic Readings.

Blessings to all,
Rabbi Meir

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

JANUARY 19, 3:30PM-5PM 

Anat Hoffman, Executive Director 
of Jerusalem's IRAC (Israel Religious Action Center) 
will be with us via Skype.  

On Shabbat afternoon, January 19, at 3:30pm, we have the privilege to be in conversation with one of the most courageous and devoted women in Israel.  Anat Hoffman, the Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center, devotes her life to religious freedom, to Jewish freedom, in Israel.  PLEASE, PLEASE watch the video below.  

Come to our January 19, 3:30pm, Rabbi's Tisch and hear how we can make a difference.  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND WE HAVE A SACRED DUTY TO TRY.  Our Sages have taught: "Lo alecha hamlacha ligmor, v'lo atah ben chorin lehibatel mimena" - "It is not your duty to complete the work; yet neither are you free to desist from it."

For every passionate lover of Israel, for every Jew who cares deeply that our people's most sacred and symbolic place, the Kotel/Western Wall, is open to all Jews, please, please join us for this conversation.  Anat will be in Jerusalem and she will join us via Skype.  This is a privilege and an honor for Temple Beth-El.  

Please take less than 5 minutes to watch the video about The Women of the Wall.  Our prayer is that this video will generate many units of love and a dose of inspiration -- inspiration that will move us to assert ourselves, to fulfill our duty, to do our part of the work.  "It is not our duty to complete the work; yet neither are we free to desist from it.  

Many thanks and happy new year!
Meir & Tara